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Bracket sizeSingle bracket referenceDouble bracket referenceXL double bracket referencePotential cavityDrawingMaterial
40FF FIX/BR/40*FF FIX/BRD/40*FF FIX/BRD/XL/40*73mm - 86mm
(with 40mm leg rail)

5251 H22
50FF FIX/BR/50*FF FIX/BRD/50*FF FIX/BRD/XL/50*79mm - 96mm
(with 40mm leg rail)
65FF FIX/BR/65FF FIX/BRD/65FF FIX/BRD/XL/6594mm - 111mm
(with 40mm leg rail)

103mm - 128mm
(with 60mm leg rail)
80FF FIX/BR/80FF FIX/BRD/80FF FIX/BRD/XL/80111mm - 143mm
100FF FIX/BR/100FF FIX/BRD/100FF FIX/BRD/XL/100131mm - 163mm
120FF FIX/BR/120FF FIX/BRD/120FF FIX/BRD/XL/120151mm - 183mm
140FF FIX/BR/140FF FIX/BRD/140FF FIX/BRD/XL/140171mm - 203mm
160FF FIX/BR/160FF FIX/BRD/160FF FIX/BRD/XL/160191mm - 223mm
180FF FIX/BR/180FF FIX/BRD/180FF FIX/BRD/XL/180211mm - 243mm
200FF FIX/BR/200FF FIX/BRD/200FF FIX/BRD/XL/200231mm - 263mm
220FF FIX/BR/220FF FIX/BRD/220FF FIX/BRD/XL/220251mm - 283mm
240FF FIX/BR/240FF FIX/BRD/240FF FIX/BRD/XL/240271mm - 303mm
Bespoke bracket sizes also availble on short lead time
All cavities shown use 60mm leg of vertical rail unless otherwise stated.
*No helping hand punched into the bracket due to leg size

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