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FastFrame is an adjustable cladding fixing system that suits most brands of exterior cladding panels. We can offer an in-house technical service to calculate the safest yet most cost-effective bracket spacings to support your facade. Save time and money by completing the checklist below.
FastFrame Benefits:
  • BBA approved
  • The FastFrame system presents the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective facade support solution on the market.
  • 2-3 day in-house calculations specific to every application.
  • The adjustable, universal bracket made from 5251 H22 grade aluminium comes complete with an isolation clip and is suitable for almost all building substrates.
  • The T & L rails are made from high specification 6063 T6 grade aluminium.
  • Compatible with various facade finishes, including spun rock, HPL, cement-based sheets, ACM, render systems, timber & many more.
  • On-site pull out tests by trained technicians.
  • FastFrame is available from a UK distribution network and has available ex-stock for overnight delivery.
  • Fully backed by an independent structural engineer offering PI cover.
  • Suitable for marine environments.
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How it works:
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I need maximum bracket fixing centres and I will do my own costings, take-offs and drawings.


I need m<sup>2</sup> rates but I will do my own take off and assembly drawings.

I need maximum bracket fixing centres and I will do my own costings, take-offs and drawings.

Please submit the checklist. There is no need to submit any drawings with this as we calculate from the information you enter in the checklist. Please allow 2–3* working days for calculations to be returned.

*Lead times are approximate and can vary depending on project size, complexity and current office work loads.

I need m2 rates but I will do my own take off and assembly drawings.

Please submit a checklist along with the final panel layout and elevation drawings (high quality PDF is fine, however DWG CAD files are better) and we will be able to work out a m2 rate based on a small area of the façade.

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Please allow 6–10* working days for calculations to be returned via your chosen distributor along with component prices.

If you require full assembly drawings and component take offs for your project, we would be happy to recommend a draughting company who can quote you for this service.

*Lead times are approximate and can vary depending on project size, complexity and current office work loads.

Helping hand systems:
Other system types:
Omega & Z system:
Fixings & accessories:

The system comprises of only three main components

Universal brackets
  • Precision engineered from either 3 or 4mm 5251 H22 structural grade aluminium.
  • Suitable for fixing to brick, block work, concrete, LSF, masonry and timber.
  • Designed for fixed and floating point.
  • Integral isolation pad of heat stabilised, high rigidity PVC.
  • Integral rail location clip to aid initial positioning.
  • Standard sizes 65mm to 240mm – bespoke sizes available to order.
  • Bracket adjustability 25mm for the 65mm bracket and 32mm for all other sizes.
  • Tensile strength 220 – 240 N/mm2.
  • Unique three-part design offers superior performance and wider spanning.
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The system comprises of only three main components

High-strength rails
  • Engineered from 2mm high specification 6063 T6 aluminium
  • Only T & L section rails necessary.
  • Rails supplied in lengths of 3 and 6 metres.
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The system comprises of only three main components

Stainless fasteners
  • Superior long-life stainless-steel fastenings to DIN 1.4301.
  • Fixings for bracket to rail, steel and wood are A2 stainless-steel with an 8mm hex head.
  • Fixings for bracket to blockwork, brick and concrete are A4 stainless-steel with a 13mm hex head.
  • Bi-metal fixings are hardened carbon steel drill point case hardened to DIN 7504.
  • Correct drill point geometry for reduced wastage.
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Benefits of the FastFrame system

The FastFrame solution offers many benefits not found in other systems. These don’t just make installation quicker, they also result in a more reliable, cost-reduced facade support system.

The FastFrame component bracket also resolves issues with other current rail and bracket aluminium framing systems. The unique design of this three-part folded aluminium bracket features a base leg much thicker than the stalk leg. As the performance of the bracket is directly related to the thickness of its base leg, this ensures that FastFrame brackets can easily withstand the total stresses placed upon it by its own weight, the forces of the wind, and the weight of the facade.

Isolation of the bracket from the building substructure is essential, both for thermal and long-term reliability purposes. Without a form of inert material between the aluminium bracket and the building, corrosion will eventually occur, weakening the framing and shortening the life of the installation. This aspect is not to be underestimated as the failure of corroded brackets could result in a disastrous failure of the whole facade. By incorporating a tough integral PVC clip to secure the ‘L’ piece and the base plate together, this essential isolation barrier cannot be inadvertently omitted, and at the same time accelerates installation.

The design of the highly efficient FastFrame bracket also yields long term environmental benefits, contributing to meeting Building Regulation Part ‘L’ by limiting heat conduction away from the building and lowering heating costs. A further benefit of the stronger isolated bracket is that it enables wider spanning and, in many cases, a reduction in the number of brackets required to secure the facade. This brings significant savings in terms of materials and particularly in installation time.

FastFrame system components

Depending on the weight and dimensions of the cladding panels to be attached to the frame and the calculated wind loading, a combination of single and double brackets may be employed. Ten bracket sizes from 65mm to 240mm are available, covering cavities from 80mm to 280mm. The brackets are universal for both fixed point and floating-point rail support and all forms of brick, block work, concrete, masonry, timber and light steel frame (LSF). A bespoke design service is offered where the customer needs to dictate a non-standard bracket size.

Compatible with Rockwool Rockpanel, HPL, enamelled steel, fibre cement, ACM and other common cladding materials. FastFrame rails are also compatible with Sika Tack panel adhesive systems.

Any cladding system is only as good as the fastening system securing it to the building substrate. Plastestrip recommend and stock EJOT fastening systems of top-grade stainless steel for superior strength and endurance.

This low component count enables Plastestrip to hold extensive stocks, ensuring prompt delivery to site and eliminating costly delays while the installation team await materials.

Professionally engineered

The benefits of FastFrame are substantial in themselves, but every product should also be judged on the level of service available from its supplier. So that’s what we take into account. The FastFrame system is enhanced by what Plastestrip offers as extra. So, we’re talking a system that’s fully backed by independent structural engineers offering PI cover.

  • In-house calculations specific to every application carried out to determine bracket spacing. And a range of top-grade stainless-steel anchors suitable for a wide variety of substrates.
  • As well as all this, the Project Checklist can be filled in on-line and e-mailed to Plastestrip. On-site pull-out tests by trained technicians are offered. And FastFrame is supplied from a UK distribution network, is available ex-stock, and with fast delivery to anywhere in mainland UK.
The Company

FastFrame is a division of Plastestrip, itself part of the global Vink group and a market leader in the manufacture and supply of PVC and aluminium extrusions and cladding systems to the construction industry. Founded in 1959, Plastestrip has been based in St Austell for the last 40 years and still has family connections working within the company.

Customer service is a critical element of Plastestrips’ mission statement and it has achieved continued growth by exceeding its customers’ demands. Always aware of its customers’ needs, Plastestrip is constantly involved in the innovation of new solutions to customers’ problems. High calibre products, available on time and at the right price, has been the company’s guiding ethos from the outset and remains so today. Plastestrip has a philosophy of continuous improvement in its products and their manufacture, maximising the benefits to customer and end user alike.

The business has been built through on-going relationships with its customers and partners. Plastestrip believes that business is done between people – not between companies and strives to deliver added value through strategic technical and marketing services in addition to quality products along with the timely deliveries they have come to expect.

Quality is in the detail at Plastestrip and it has always gone above and beyond accepted standards to bring its customers the benefits of products and materials that stand the test of time. Plastestrip incorporates dozens of innovations into its products, many of which cannot be seen, yet which put its products at the leading edge of the industry.

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We offer help through our technical support. At Plastestrip, we strive to deliver added value through the technical and strategic services which complement our quality products and next day deliveries.
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